We’re so excited to have easier access to our trails due to loosening of restrictions at various locations in REMBA-Land. There were a lot of outdoor enthusiasts enjoying the warm sun and awesome trails this past weekend. That’s a wonderful thing. We’re sending a gentle reminder regarding restrictions still in place to adhere to in order to maintain access to trails currently open and have the ability to park near trail heads. We know that as REMBA members, you’re some of the best-behaved and most conscientious trail users on the trail, so we need your help to kindly educate users on what the guidelines are regarding PPE. There are numerous people who are simply unaware of the restrictions currently in place. Remember to follow your county health officers guidelines as they may vary slightly or may change. See below for general guidelines to follow for the safety and health of those around you and to keep our trails open.

  • If You’re Sick, Stay Home: Trails and parks should be treated like any other public space and if you’re sick you should opt to stay home and keep everyone safe.
  • Go Solo & Avoid Crowds: If you’re visiting the parks, please only come in groups of family or people that you live with. Going outdoors during this time is for our health and not for socializing in groups.
  • Maintain 6 Feet Social Distancing: Please be mindful of your surroundings and maintain 6 feet of social distancing space at all times.
  • Cover Your Cough: Always sneeze and cough into a tissue, or if one is not available, into your elbow.
  • Do Not Shake Hands: Limit physical contact to members of your immediate household. No unnecessary physical contact in parks.
  • Trail Etiquette: Please leave extra space when passing people on trails. If you’re in a group, this means making a single file line and stepping off the trail to allow safe space for people to pass. Remember to slow down and announce yourself as you ride up on other users so you’re not blazing past people unaware of your presence.
  • Face Masks: Follow your county’s health order regarding masks. In general wear your mask in high traffic areas such as parking lots and trailheads.
  • Be Nice/Say Hi: The golden rule. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice!



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