Photo Courtesy of Mike Dunn. Rattle Snake Ridge, Angwin

Greetings REMBA Supporters.

We find ourselves in the throes of yet another destructive wildfire.  This year continues to be challenging and our ability to get outside significantly interrupted, again.  Whether it is COVID restrictions, poor air quality, evacuations or park closures it’s been challenging to get out and ride.  The desire to want to help or do something to feel in control of the situation is prevalent.  Believe me we feel it too!

Across REMBA-Land many of our favorite properties are impacted due to the Glass Fire.  We are working daily with land managers across REMBA-land to keep up to date on closures and assessments.  We are all curious to find out the status of our favorite local parks and trails.  Land managers are respectively allowing firefighting personnel the space they need to work on extinguishing fires.  As soon as land managers can safely gain access, they will assess damages and we’ll have a timeline when to expect openings.

One of the best things we can do right now is have patience and respect park closures.  We are all unfortunately experienced in what happens in the aftermath of a destructive wildfire.  Our past experiences taught us it takes time to get life back to normal including our trails.  With another red flag warning over the next couple of days, it is important to respect all closures.

We’ve put together a list of informational links for you to check the status of your local parks and current trail conditions.

Sonoma County Regional Parks:
Visit @sonomacountyregionalparks on social media for more up to date information.

State Parks:

@TrioneAnnadelStatePark on Facebook

*Please note Trione-Annadel is closed due to fires.  Spring Lake is also closed and will remain closed until the evacuation advisory is lifted for that zone.

Napa Open Space Districts provides daily trail updates on their website:
Social media:  @NapaOpenSpace

Skyline Wilderness Park:
Social media: @skylinepark
Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest
Social media: @PUCforest
Note: PUC Forest is closed until further notice

Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest is closed to vehicle traffic.  Check road closures and air quality prior to visiting.
Facebook: @FOBMCA

Purple Air

CALTRANS or call 1-800-427-7623

To all those impacted by fires on ANY level, we are thinking of you.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have specific questions or you know of someone with a need REMBA can help fill. We look forward to the day when we can ride and have a beer while sharing stories of recovery and perseverance.  When times are darkest remember we are strong, and we have proven that strength time and again.  I have no doubt we will prove it again this year.

Hang tight!

Deb Bloomquist
Executive Director – REMBA

Photo courtesy of Supervising Ranger, Neill Fogarty. Trione-Annadel Visitor Center

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