Trione-Annadel State Park update: We’ve been working with our Bay Area District leadership to negotiate a 2 year Donation of Services Agreement to authorize project work and maintenance work in Trione-Annadel State Park. We finalized the terms of our contract, sent it through partnerships office and legal office. Next steps are to get signatures from RTA and the Directors office. Final stage is to go through Department of Finance and it’s done. This is the first contract of this type done with our district for TASP.

How the partnership works: Friends of Trione-Annadel is committed to raising funds for trail repairs and recently donated the FOTA Kubota to Redwood Trails Alliance for use in TASP. Redwood Trails Alliance will run volunteer crews and our trail team for repairs and maintenance work. State Parks will provide the guidance and support needed to approve and assist with the backlog of work. First project up is Lawndale from the parking lot to the creek crossing.

We recently submitted a grant request with the support of our Bay Area District leadership and park staff to fund a part time volunteer coordinator position for work in TASP to allow us the capacity to assist with maintenance work such as clearing trees and overgrowth in trails.

We continue are advocacy effort towards implementation of a road and trail management plan. This will be a long process and we will need help from the community to give input on what you’d like to see when the time comes. Again, this is a very long process but we are committed to keeping the conversation going and advocating for a streamlined method.

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