On Tuesday, May 23rd, we got the opportunity to bring volunteers to work on South Burma trail in Trione-Annadel SP. Patience, understanding and persistence working with our partner Frieds of Trione-Annadel made this day happen. Thank you also to FOTA for providing lunch. Thank you, California State Parks Foundation, for supporting our work in TASP with the Trails for All grant. Trail work was led by Mike Nelson, Road and Trails Chief, CA SP DPR and we successfully knocked down small water formed berms (the small few inches lip on the downside of the trail) to help water flow, reducing trail erosion. We also successfully reshaped and cleared two critical drainages that desperately needed help to be cleared and made functional again. A HUGE THANK YOU to Trail House for stepping up with a last-minute request for help bringing our lunch to the trailhead after we found out we would not be able to leave the park without an escort. Trail House picked up AND delivered our lunch!!! Thank you for having our backs!

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