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  • April 22, 2019 7:23 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    REMBA members have you renewed your membership yet? Are you a non-member and want to join? Now is a great opportunity to sign up or renew. The FIRST 20 people will receive a REMBA pint glass along with their membership. Wait! What? A pint glass? Yep all yours with your renewal or new membership.
    That’s not all. If you join or renew now you won’t have to mess with all those details at our annual membership party. June 8th at Skyline Park we’ll have a catered lunch after the fun rides we have planned. This year is a family friendly event complete with activities and even a kid zone. Pretty awesome. You can RSVP to our event on our website at the same time you renew or join. It’s that easy. Click "join us" to renew or sign up.  Go to our "event" page to RSVP to the party you don't want to miss.
    Why become a member? Your membership supports our new trail projects and trail maintenance days. We currently have professional trail crews building new trail in Moore Creek, Angwin and Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest. We have Sonoma County new trail projects our advocacy team has been diligently working on finalizing details. We have regular trail maintenance in Angwin at PUC forest, Skyline Park and we’re in constant talks with land managers to schedule even more new trail projects. Help us get new trails by joining and supporting REMBA.

  • February 15, 2019 7:47 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    On February 10th REMBA had the pleasure of hosting some trail repair work at Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest.  REMBA, along with the St. Helena Thunderbirds High School Mountain Bike Team, PUC management and community volunteers were able to restore and reconnect singletracks which were covered in debris during the fire break project where masticating machines were brought in to create a critical fire break for the forest and the town of Angwin. A crew of 30 kids and adults went into the singletracks area in “the maze” and along the west side of Ridge Road in the north end of the PUC trail network.  The connections between those singletracks and ridge road were covered by masticator debris and the volunteer crews worked to clear/restore the connections and make those trails rideable again.  Volunteers worked up a sweat all morning until lunchtime where REMBA provided lunch and smiles to a hard-working crew.

    Thank you, St. Helena Thunderbirds for your enthusiastic work on the trails you love to ride.  Your team exemplifies trail stewardship and we’re stoked to be a part that stewardship with you.

    Thank you, Peter Lecourt, PUC Forest Manager for encouraging our youth to get involved in their community and being a great partner with REMBA. (photo credit: Briana Marie Photography, St. Helena Thunderbirds mountain bike team, Peter Lecourt and Tony Cale)

  • January 10, 2019 8:00 AM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    Did someday say new trails?  Yep, we sure did and we’re stoked! Over the past couple of weeks, REMBAs paid trail crew has been in Napa County working on 3 miles of new trail.  REMBA and Napa Open Space District teamed up to dig scenic new trail in Moore Creek Park: Hennessey unit.  With the crew working around rainy weather and the holiday season, they’ve successfully cleared brush and hand cut sections best done by hand versus using equipment.  Weather permitting, we’ll have a mini excavator in place to finish out the more complicated areas of the build.  We’re really excited to see this project through to completion.  If you’re in the area and you see our hard working crew, give them a high five and a thank you for all the work they’re doing.  They’re killing it out there.  #moretrailsbettertrails (Photo Credit: Tony Cale)

  • January 08, 2019 4:13 PM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    ANGWIN RIDERS:  During the month of January, the Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest will be working on their wildfire mitigation project, causing temporary closures along the ridgeline between Howell Mountain Road in the North to the Las Posadas State Forest in the South.  Please visit @PUCForest on Facebook for details and maps regarding their shaded fuel break project.  When out riding, please be aware of the potential closures.  The skilled operators on the masticators (see photos) are focused on the precision of their work and won’t notice riders in the area.  The closures are temporary and will move along the planned route throughout the month of January.  Watch for the orange cones and closure signs. 

    REMBA supports the efforts of PUC Forest management in their efforts at wildfire mitigation for the forest and the town of Angwin.  The mild inconvenience of temporary closures is well worth it when it comes to fire suppression.  The closures will generally be ¼ - ½ mile from the equipment and will move as the project progresses.


    REMBA went out to get a few pictures of the masticating machines in operation.  We were impressed with the skill and precision the operators exhibited.  During project discussions, PUC Forest Manger Peter Lecourt  had this to say regarding getting a hand crew on site, “While the mastication crew will wrap up in late Jan/early Feb, a hand crew will be doing additional thinning well into February (100 feet wide of clearing on the eastern, downhill side of the firebreak).”   Please feel free to visit the PUC forest website at if you’d like to learn more about this project and future projects.  

  • December 18, 2018 12:00 PM | Debbie St.Cyr (Administrator)

    WHAT A YEAR!  We’re closing out 2018 with a bang while riding with giant grins right into 2019.  Your REMBA crew has been busy advocating for trail access, changes in trail use, building new trails, developing relationships with land managers in REMBA-Land, organizing operations and much more. 

    What have we been doing?

    We intensely researched membership software and found one that fits REMBAs needs for an all in one solution.  We found software that’ll allow you as the member to have access to your account for renewals, event signups, customizing communications so you receive only news you want and tracks your activity within the organization.  After the first of the year you’ll be receiving instructions on how to access your account and manage your membership.  We’ve been manually managing membership which hasn’t been time effective but served our purposes in the early days of starting a new organization.  Being an all-volunteer board, we need to maximize our time, so we can manage trail projects in all three counties.  Implementing this new membership software will allow us time to pursue our goals.

    What we have in the works.

    We’ve begun building 3 miles of new trail in Napa County in Moore Creek Park: Hennessey Unit. We’ve been working with Napa Open Space District, donors and members who’ve all put in the effort over the last year to get this project going and funded.  We’re excited to announce we’ve contracted with 4 REMBA trail builders and trail crews to go out and get their dig on.  Starting December 10th, we had a full crew out finalizing flagging, brush clearing and prepping to bring equipment in.  Starting the week of December 17th, we’ll have a mini excavator on-site to start the actual dig.  We had the absolute pleasure to work with and receive excellent advice from Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz who’ve proven to be exceptional partners.  We’re ecstatic to work with such talent and knowledge.  We’re stoked to have the opportunity to build new trail in REMBA-Land.

    We now have a Trione Annadel State Park crew leader.  We have potential trail projects proposed and waiting on approvals.  We continually work with State Parks staff to encourage trail work within the park.  With the development of Friends of Trione Annadel State Park, we hope their willingness to be the liaison for work within the park with help streamline the project approval process.  This is ongoing and consistent communication work.  Our goal is to continue our partnership with State Parks, Sonoma County Trails Council and Trione Annadel State Park to assist in getting approval for Trail work the park desperately needs.

    We’re also working on building our partnership with Sonoma County Regional Parks to seek potential new projects.  Stay tuned as we continue our advocacy work to get more trails added including trail repairs. 

    We have a strong partnership with Friends of Boggs Mountain and we’re excited to support their efforts to rebuild the trails in BMDSF.  Recently FOBM let us know forest management received the CEQA needed to start trail work.  Stay tuned for details on volunteer trail work days.  It’s finally happening, and we’re so stoked to be involved with the post wildfire trail project.

    REMBA continues to have a solid relationship with the Lake County Parks and Recreation Department where we’re in discussions on getting new trails built in Lake County.  They have a positive outlook regarding mountain biking and supporting outdoor recreation efforts to encourage the growth of our sport.

    In 2018 we excitedly partnered with Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest.  We’re working with forest management on trail projects currently being identified as necessary repairs and realignments.  We’re supporting their fire break project which begins January 2019 which will require necessary trail repairs and we’re happy to help them with that.

    Membership appreciation for 2019.  This year you don’t want to miss out.  We’ve already been planning our yearly membership appreciation BBQ.  June 8, 2019 in Skyline Wilderness Park we’ll have an all-day event.  This year we’ll have activities, MTB rides and much more to have a family friendly atmosphere.  If you or you know anyone who’d like to sponsor or donate items for prizes, let us know.

    Regrettably we announce, our former Chair and Co-founder Nick Nesbitt resigned from REMBA’s board.  We support Nick’s decision to take some time to focus on his family, work and coaching.  We miss his enthusiasm but support his decision and look forward to seeing him enjoying time on the trails he invested much of his efforts over the last few years.  Thank you, Nick!

    REMBA’s all-volunteer board is comprised of a passionate group of volunteers with an eclectic range of talents, enthusiasm, expertise on all things advocacy and trail related and certainly no shortage of humor with this crew.  We have board openings we’re seeking to fill, and we always have volunteer opportunities.  We have plenty of projects, advocacy work, operational work and social media opportunities.  If you find yourself wanting to get involved, reach out we’d love your input and help.  Our board meetings are open so feel free to attend and experience how our work is completed.

    Special thank you to the organizations who’ve supported us in varying ways.  We wouldn’t have our successes without your support, REI, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Kona Bikes, Trek Store Santa Rosa, Break Away Bikes, Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Bell Joy Ride of Santa Rosa, Girls Rock Santa Cruz, Trail House, Friends of Boggs Mountain, NorCal High School Cycling League, Sonoma County Trails Council, Skyline Wilderness Association,  AMBG, Napa Bicycle Coalition, Eagle Cycling Club, Sports Basement, Access 4 Bikes, Sonoma County Bicycle coalition, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, Bike Monkey, Specialized Bikes, private donors and many more.  Thank you for supporting local mountain biking.

    We look forward to working with our biggest partner in the new year.  You!  Our membership is why we do what we do.  We’re grateful for your support and patience as we navigate 3 counties and the varying requirements of each agency we work with.  We look forward to hearing from you and what types of work you’d like to see REMBA  do on your behalf.  We’re humbly grateful.   


  • December 03, 2018 1:02 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hello fellow mountain bikers and REMBA supporters.  We have so much to be stoked about so grab a chair and hang tight.  Your REMBA crew hit the ground running after our last board meeting with trail work, advocacy work, event support, fundraising and the less exciting but no less important business aspect of growing the REMBA name.
    The biggest news is Boggs Mountain Demonstration State Forest will officially be open for day use only on July 16th.  No camping permitted yet but it’s all in the works to get the infrastructure back in place.    REMBA is partnered with Friends of Boggs Mountain (FOBM) who works directly with Boggs management to assist in getting new trails built. Currently no trails exist due to damage from the salvage logging operation.  We’re stoked to be a part of building the new trail system on the property and to have more trails to ride in REMBA-Land.  Check back soon to see when shovels meet the ground.
    We successfully held our first REMBA trail work day in Angwin at the Pacific Union College Demonstration and Experimental Forest.  We cleared a bunch of poison oak, brush and dead trees off the trails.  Thank you for all the volunteers who came out to help.  We had a great time out on some cool trails and look forward to doing more work in partnership with PUC.  Stay tuned for the next Angwin work day.  Good times will be had.
    The Ridge Trail Puncheon is complete in Trione-Annadel State Park!  With the help of a grant we were awarded through REI we were able to purchase the materials to rebuild the puncheon.  We’re grateful for all the volunteers who stepped in over the course of the last couple months in some seriously hot weather to help move materials, help with the build, and lots of brushing work.  Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Check out the pictures of the build on our Facebook page.  Pretty cool stuff.
    REMBA has been working with the Parks department in Lake County at their request to assist with building a one way all mountain bike trail that drops down from the top of Mt. Konocti down to the midway point of the mountain.  Stay tuned as we move forward with this project.  Super stoked to hear the words MTB Only!
    We’re going to spread some more stoke soon in Napa County.  We’ve been working with land managers in Napa along with some donors who’d like to see the expansion of trails within the county.  There are a few miles’ worth of shovel ready projects and we’re stoked to have the capacity to help facilitate that growth.  Stay tuned for more updates on our mission to have more trails and better trails in REMBA-Land.  More details to follow.
    We’re pleased to announce we finalized a contract to hire a trail boss to help with volunteer trail days and trail project management for all the projects headed our way.  We’re stoked to have Tony Cale join our trail team.  Hiring Tony is one more step towards building a solid trail team to accommodate getting new trails implemented and maintaining current trails.
    REMBA was also able to present another check to the Skyline Wilderness Park Association to help replace the trail signs they lost in the October fires.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Santa Cruz Bikes, we’ve been able to assist the park to help get trails re opened and restored.
    In other news we’ve been working with Sonoma County Regional Parks to build a strong partnership within their organization to assist with trail maintenance and potential new trail projects.  REMBA and Sonoma County Bike Coalition teamed up and held a fun fundraiser at Lagunitas where we made almost $1000.00 for each organization.  REMBA was also a part of a successful Dine to Donate with Il Posto Trattoria in Napa.  In our advocacy efforts REMBA sent letters of support for the McCormick Ranch Acquisition in Sonoma County and support for the Great Redwood Trail Project which we’re happy to see bikes are included as users for the 300-mile trail system.  We also moved forward with learning a new program to roll out our membership management plan and we’re currently in the application process to receive a grant to purchase the software.
    All in all, a productive month.  We have a lot more in the works so stay tuned to our social media pages where we announce our ongoing projects, trail work days and updates on what’s happening in REMBA-Land.  Feel free to attend our board meetings where all the fun decision making happens.
    Once again, thank you for all your support.  We’ll be announcing the yearly member appreciation BBQ soon so be on the lookout for that.  You won’t want to miss the excitement we’re planning this year.
    Happy trails and stay stoked!
    Deb Bloomquist
    Chairwoman – REMBA

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